How can I get a High score in PTE Academic?

Are you planning to appear in your PTE Academic Exam soon or are you a candidate who is struggling to get 79 plus in your PTE Academic Examination.

Do you want to avoid expensive coaching classes or you don't have time to spend in the classroom because of work and other commitments.

Learn How to maximize your score by rhetorically analyzing all speaking, writing, reading and Listening tasks.

I am a PTE Academic tutor in Sydney Australia. I have helped numerous students not even in Sydney, but also students from other countries such as India, Iran , Nepal and China to get their dream score of 79 plus in PTE Exam.

Now all these techniques and tips are revealed in these new eBook ,  packed  full of easy to follow strategies and self-study exercises to improve your score.

PTE Academic 79 Plus

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What to expect from this eBook

This is the ultimate PTE Book

This book is guaranteed to improve your PTE Score and it won't take you months to achieve it. Simply read the book and example questions. Learn the strategies and apply these strategies to the practice questions in the book or when you practice  other materials.


 What to Expect from this Book
This 267 Page Ebook covers all aspects of PTE Academic test
  • Explains the format of each section of PTE Academic test
  • Scoring Guide for each section
  • Provides proven strategy for each question
  • Strategies for each type of '' Graph ,image''.
  • Strategies for RE Tell Lecture
  • Strategies for Arrange Paragraphs
  • Strategies for all speaking Sections with Solved Examples on Unique practice materials
  • Strategies for Summarize written text and Essay with Examples
  • Strategies for all Listening Sections with Solved Examples on Unique practice materials
  • Strategies for all Reading Sections with Solved Examples on Unique practice materials










PTE Academic 79 Plus